With the arrival of spring, it is high time to spread a little beauty. Here are 7 small, easy-to-do tips that won’t break the bank.  A little car makeover will do wonders, and she’ll thank you. 🙂 


1. For your windshield wipers 

To properly clean your wipers, take alcohol with a small cloth and rub the blade. All of the dirt will disappear within seconds, and it’s free!

2. For your dashboard. 

Use olive oil to shine your dashboard. No need to use a lot of it! Make circular motions as you wipe.

3. For your fabric seats. 

Mix a little dish soap, baking soda and hot water. Dip a softer cleaning brush into the solution and rub your seats in a small circular motion. Finally, wipe with a damp towel and allow it to dry.

4. For your headlights. 

Use toothpaste and warm water to clean your car headlights. The result will be sparkling!

5. For pet hair. 

Get a squeegee and a bottle of water. Spray your seats with water to moisten the hair. Then, pass your squeegee over the furry seat, and all of the hair will gather up in a ball for easy removal.

6. For your air quality. 

It is very important to change your air filter every spring so that you’re breathing in clean air. More expensive, but your health is priceless!

7. For any sticky surface. 

For anything sticky on leather, the famous magic eraser will work every time. Don’t forget to soak your eraser before using it.