Even if love is a noble sentiment, we clearly notice that many people get married fort interest. In these few lines, you will discover a very sad, but real story. Discover all the details et give us your opinions.



1. A couple that everything separates

Marcel Amphoux is a modest French farmer. He became a millionaire thanks to his many properties. Sandrine Devillard is a estate agent in Paris and is passionate about singing.


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A very controversial wedding

After their meeting, Marcel decided to marry Sandrine. Indeed, Marcel was not very attractive. He lived like a hermit despite of his fortune. More over, 25 years separated the two «lovers». After a quick engagement, criticism emanated from the village of Puy-Saint-Pierre. For all, there was no doubt: the young woman only wanted Marcel’s money. She continued to live comfortably in Paris while her husband whom she supposed to love lived in the village.

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3. The death of Marcel

A year after his union with Sandrine, Marcel died at the age of 67, victim of a car accident. And Sandrine Devillard, who saw herself as a millionaire, received a cold shower to the reading of the will: Marcel had destined his entire fortune to his beloved sister and the habitants of the village. Sandrine, discontented, tried to challenge everything, but without success. The will was found to be legal and valid. So, Marcel prouved that he was not so credulous as it was believed … He can rest in peace now.

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