You’ve probably seen it in the DIY department of any supermarket without really paying much attention to it. But did you know that WD-40 spray is capable of many things? If this stinker is able to restart any bike or car, who knows what else it could be used for? 

1. Stain remover

Spray the spray on carpet stains and rub with a clean cloth. Repeat the process several times until the spots are gone.

Source photo : YouTube/WOL – World of Lifehacks

2. A way to hunt pigeons

Saturate the place where pigeons like to walk with your spray. Pigeons hate the smell.

Source photo : pixabay

3. Waterproofing shoes

Cover shoes with this spray to make them water resistant. The shoes must have a smooth surface. Avoid sneakers and suede loafers.

Source photo : YouTube/WOL – World of Lifehacks

4. Sticker or tape removal

Use the WD-40 spray to remove any remaining sticker or tape. Spray on the area, wait at least 5 minutes, then rub with a sponge.

Source photo : Merken / The Krazy Coupon Lady / Jay VandersalmHome cleaning ideas

5. Antifreeze spray

Spray the product on the wipers to spread it on the glass evenly. The windshield can withstand snow and frost without formation of ice crystals.

Source photo : / Uwe HDIY und Selbermachen

6. Avoid limescale

Spray WD-40 on your shower doors so water flows easily without the formation of drips or icicles. No more gray limestone stains!

Source photo : Merken / The Krazy Coupon Lady / Mary CarelFor the Home

7. Comme moyen de renforcer des ciseaux pliables

If your scissors cut less than usual, spray WD-40 on their tears and joints.

Source photo : / Elvira AllTipps

8. Erase scribbles on the walls

Spray WD-40 on a clean cloth and rub the artwork. Avoid using it on a wall with wallpaper. You can use it on laminated or painted walls.

Source photo : Merken / The Krazy Coupon Lady / Everything TipsCLEANING

9. Remove tight rings

Spray product under and on the ring and gently move it up and down until it slides off your finger.

Source photo : YouTube/WOL – World of Lifehacks

10. Remove old chewing gum

WD-40 can easily remove chewing gum from a carpet, floor, sofa or even hair. Simply spray in bulk before removing the chewing gum with a soft cloth. It’s safe for  because its main component is fish oil.

Source photo : YouTube/WOL – World of Lifehacks

11. Defrost car locks

Spray the product on your car lock so it doesn’t freeze overnight. This also prevents water penetration and blockage.

Source photo : / Dominic SchwagerNützliches

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