There is nothing better than turning to conventional wisdom when you want to solve a problem. No need to remind you of the effectiveness of some grandma’s tricks. Even in the age of the Internet, these tricks, which are more than a century old, prove that they are still extremely useful. You’ll find 11 tips collected in 1910 by Gallaher, the cigarette manufacturer – he made it into an illustrious advertising campaign. The postcards published were then digitized and shared by the New York Public Library. Have a look!

1. Rub glasses lenses with soap, and clean with a cloth to prevent them from fogging

2. Use borax powder to keep bugs from getting in the trash

3. Attach a velvet tongue to the back of a shoe for optimized comfort

4. Craft a bandage by wrapping the gauze spirally, starting from the heel to the fingers, then tie a knot to the ankle.

5. Put the end of a strip in a carafe filled with cold water, and place the other end on an aching foot to alleviate pain

6. To clean an oil painting, use a slice of potato to rub the surface, and wipe gently with a rag

7. To cut bread, warm the knife blade in hot water

8. Moisten a rag and use it to pick up broken glass without getting cut

9. For increased lung capacity, stand your tiptoes with your head tilted back. Inhale and exhale.

10. To check if a lobster is fresh, pull and lengthen the tail. If it repositions itself when released, it’s fresh

11. Broken eggs to boil? Add vinegar to the cooking water.

Source des photos : New York Public Library