We all know the reputation of IKEA, the Swedish furniture specialist. This manufacturer is able to transform any house in a pleasant and operational way. However, what has always lacking is a collection of furniture for pets. Ikea has just remedied to it with a new collection of furniture called “Lurvig”, a word that means “hairy” in swedish language. This collection includes dog beds, sofa covers, cat game tunnels and other accessories. The collection is currently found in several stores in the USA, Canada, Frande and Japan. Other stores are expected to follow the dynamic from March 2018.

1. Thanks Ikea for thinking about the welfare of pets

2. A valuable collection for animals

3. What to distract our pets !

4. A cocoon of well-being

5. Ikea always thinks about everything

6. Your pet will be happy

7. Good job whit this magnificent collection !