Many brides hire professional photographers to capture beautiful images of the happiest day of their lives. The idea is to preserve those precious memories via photos, to share them to future generations.

In this series of 12 wedding photos, you’ll discover that surprise guests have decided to sabotage them in their own way. And the least we can say is that most are ready to smile. Take a look!

1. When the groom becomes an owl – LOL!

Source photo : Imgur/DonQuixoteDonFlamingo

2. Has he lost his towel?

Source photo : Facebook/The Traveling Photo Booth

3. A curious lama

Source photo : Facebook/White Knot Event Stationery

4. A happy dolphin

Source photo : Reddit/keckster

5. Even a kiss won’t stop this little cat

Source photo : Facebook/The Traveling Photo BoothHayat Bensem Anlamı Sensin

6. He’s already in love!

Source photo :Facebook/Desiree McCrorey

7. A fight scene

Source photo : Facebook/Next Web Design

8. Just having fun

Source photo : Facebook/Bird’s Eye Cove Farm

9. Just happened to be passing by

Source photo : Facebook/Lisa Delorey Photography

10. A cheeky cat

Source photo : Facebook/AwwBuzz

11. I’m waiting for the stick

Source photo :Facebook/Tuson Photography

12. Look at the camera and smile!

Source photo :Facebook/Daily Pictures