Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us, and for good reason! In this series you’ll find that the perception can be subjective from one person to another in many cases. These 12 illusions may fog your mind a bit. 

1. Is it a cat or an egg?

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2. Is this nail afraid of the hammer?

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3. Shoes or steak?

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4. Mommy and baby carrot

I love you Mummy

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5. A frog in coffee?

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6. A vase, or two people looking at each other?

Love is everywhere. Can you see it?

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7. A hamster or cake?

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8. No, she’s not naked!

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9. A metal caterpillar ready to put on lipstick

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10. Take the bus with an alien? No!

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11. Where is the guitar?

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12. Like a snow cat

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