As with the piercing, it was not easy for the tattoo to be accepted in society. However, skeptical or intolerant people still remain. Many people wonder what can tattoos look like with age. 10 seniors decided to answer this question. Discover them in photos.

1. We are tattooed, so what? Dixit people proud of their tattoos …



2. He loves these tattoos

3. Correct clothing can be used to hide tattoos when needed.

4. You can combine tattoos and piercings without complex …

5. Man or woman, the tattoo is for everyone

6. Aging when tattooed does not detract from our charisma

7. You can be old and complete your style with a tattoo.

8. Age does not prevent you from having style.

9. Tattoos say a lot about a person’s past

10. The tattoos in color are beautiful too

Source: Imgur / cheezeburgerholddacheeze and Tattoo