Once you get your license, you’re ready to roll. You’ve finally got your freedom! The more you drive, though, the more opportunities there are for errors. However, from time to time, those mistakes can be expensive, or even fatal. 

The following are mistakes that may lead to serious wear and tear on your car, or cause traumatic injuries to drivers and passengers. 

1. Your body is poorly positioned

Poor body posture can cause back pain or serious injury when the airbag swells after an accident occurs. Hence the need to check the height of the seat while facing the windshield and keeping an eye on the dashboard. The driver’s back must be planted against the seat and must touch the shoulders.

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2. Keep your hand on the gear

The risk: Damage to the gearbox and premature wear. Both hands should be on the steering wheel.

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3. Keeping your foot on the clutch pedal

If the clutch stop breaks, replace it immediately.

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4. Turning the wheel before you start the car

This creates a lot of pressure. Result: Pricy repairs on entire steering system. The steering wheel should only be turned when the car is moving, at least at a slow sped.

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5. Leaving snow on the roof

In the event of sudden breaking, the snow might flood the windshield and hinder your visibility of the road.

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6. Wearing the wrong shoes

An insurer’s study reveals that 25% of women and 13% of men wear sandals while driving. The risk: your foot ca slip out of the shore and bump against the pedal, or get caught in the carpet.

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7. Letting the engine run to heat the vehicle

In addition to being illegal in some countries, this practice can damage the engine and corrode the exhaust pipe.

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8. Decorating the dashboard

In the event of an accident, having unnecessary knick-knacks on the dash can be extremely dangerous.

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9. Braking downhill

Such may cause overheating and wear of brake pads and discs. Brake less, but firmly.

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10. Reversing while the car is moving forward

The direction of rotation of the gearbox will change abruptly and eventually wear out.

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11. Replacing the tires

Some countries require tires to be changed according to the seasons. It’s best to change them at the beginning of the winter or summer. If you have spare tires at home, be sure to transport them properly.

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